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Artificial Intelligence Networks

Complete the Metro365 certification course and train to become a Metro365 Network Owner Operator. We guarantee up to $500,000 in Small Business Loans to qualified Veterans. If you can learn quickly, meet deadlines, and operate around the clock. This opportunity is just for you. Excellent compensation and incentive plan. Steady work, good pay. Now!

Basic Aptitude

Assembly Objects
Mechanical Maintenance
Skilled Technical
Clerical Skills

Owner Operators
Base Compensation

$127,336 to $390,000 per year


As a Metro365 Owner Operator

Metro365 is in the planning and implementation stage of building a $17.2B Advanced IP6IQ Telecommunications network, as part of an underlining effort for the expansion of 5th generation telecom services.  Owner operators are responsible for building, servicing, and maintaining network switching centers, and local installations through the United States. Owner operators receive monthly revenues from subscription and activation fees and commissions according to tariffs and billing schedules.  There is no selling involved, but commitment and dedication is required.


The Metro365 owner opportunity is perfect for Veterans with active military and reserve training. In order to qualify, all candidates from complete Metro365 Mechatronics certification and maintain continuing education courses.

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering
that includes a combination of systems engineering,
mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,
telecommunications engineering, control engineering and
computer engineering training and certification.

How do I get certified?

To become certified it required that applications, complete a 24 month tuition deferred online training program. To qualify for free training every candidate must past a specially designed aptitude test similar to the Military AVASB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), complete the admissions process and pass a selective background screening.

Each candidate must complete 12 IT Certifications in 6 Months to qualify for $500,000 in guaranteed Business loans.


Project Management


Microsoft Certifications


CCNA Certifications


Database Certifications


Project Management Training

Candidates will be required to complete both technology based project management and construction based project management training. Certifications Requirements will be covered during course orientation.

CCNA Training & Certifications

Candidates will be required to complete Cisco Network Administration Training and Certifications. Testing and Certification Provided by CISCO or Third Party Vendors.

Mircosoft Certifications

Candidates will be required to complete 3 Microsoft Certifications, consisting of Network, Database and Security training. Testing and Certification is done by Microsoft and third party vendors.

Database Certification

Candidates will be required to complete both SQL/ASP.NET and MYSQL/PHP training.  Individual certifications are available through third party vendors.

Minimum Qualifications & Requirements

Active Duty or Prior Military Service

We value our dedicated service men and women, so much so, we created this opportunity especially for you. Now is time to apply your hard work and training and put your knowledge and skills to use in a rewarding, highly profitable industry.

Honorable Military Discharge

We require that all applicants have full honorable discharge from the military.  A copy of your DD214 will be required or some other form of acceptable form of service record.

Active Duty Assignment

For Active Duty, Reserves and National Guards we require a copy of your must recent orders, if allowable.

Professional Resume

All applicants are required to upload a professional resume, if you do not have one readily available please complete the chronological work, education and training experience, as well as write a brief essay detailing your technical skills back to most earliest age possible.

Background Screening and Credit Check

Every candidate is required to submit to a complete Federal Level Background Check and Credit Check.  Based on the pass or fail, a copy of certified finger prints must be submitted. (Subject to Approval)

Electronic Application and Disclosures

In addition to the required documents, each applicant must complete the application process and submit to a federal background screening. To begin application, click apply now below.  A link to assessment tests will be emailed once the application is processed.

Become an Executive Systems Engineer

1. Take Assessment 2. Complete Application 3. Submit